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Sharing the Information of the Basketball World


Fullcourt is the first open platform to connect the users and information of the basketball world. We provide basketball players a space to share the information of the basketball world. Users can find and share runs, games and locations any where around the world.



We have over 35,000 courts worldwide, each has court shows peaks times, letting users know when there are games or when the court is available.



Interactive Map that allows users to share and know how many players are at the court before they leave home. No more guessing if there is a game.



User recommended Runs give the Fullcourt Community the ability to share and find runs anywhere in the world. Find the best runs for your skill set.

User Reviews

“Recently moved to San Diego. The only people I knew were people from work. Sadly none of those people played basketball. I randomly stumbled onto this app and it has allowed me to not miss a beat when it comes to playing basketball. The app is easy to navigate too which is a huge plus.”
— OpieKent, iOS App Store
Fantastic app! Accurate and easy to use. We have a group of about 20 that we set up games with 2-3 times a week at varying locations. The app is awesome, accurate and easy to use. We will continue to use this app as our scheduling tool for a long time to come. Thanks to all those involved in its creation, support and ongoing enhancements. Top notch!
— Defjaz, iOS App Store
Best app ever! What a life saver. As a young woman in Los Angeles it’s so hard to find basketball games. Not anymore with Fullcourt!
— Girlsthatball, iOS App Store
THE app for ALL hoopers! Wow, great job! This app is really cool, I found a few games I had no idea were there,only a couple mins from my work. If you’re looking for better comp or games near you, I highly recommend this app.
— Santiago Jaimes, Android App Store

We are always looking to expand our team to help Fullcourt grow and bring the basketball community together. At Fullcourt we absolutely and love basketball, and if you are just as passionate about the game, then please reach out to us with any feedback or possible opportunities. We are building Fullcourt with the community, and for the community, so we need your help to contribute.

Keep Hooping!

- Philip Wilson CEO/CoFounder


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