How It Started

Fullcourt was founded by Philip Wilson, a coach, a player and a complete basketball enthusiast. His entire life has been basketball, since his father was the Mens Varsity Head Coach of the local High School in California. Philip basically grew up in a gym. He followed his fathers footsteps and became a coach after his collegiate basketball career ended. He saw the industry of basketball, as a coach and a player, and realized it could be run more effectively. He partnered with his father to make something to give back to the community of basketball that they had been a part of for some long.

iPlayHoops Inc. is a Santa Monica, CA based company, right near the filming location of White Men Can't Jump, the most iconic pickup basketball movie of all-time. Fullcourt is a social network for basketball players that play at local basketball courts and gyms, and a resource for them to coordinate these games.

Basketball is the largest growing sport in the world, and in the next 5 years should surpass soccer as the most played sport. Fullcourt is going to change the world of basketball.